Modular Shipping Containers Building

Modular building is a way of constructing a building by making pre-fabricated sections or modules in a factory and then assembling them at the construction site. This method is also called prefabrication or prefab building.

choose the modular products that suit your needs

There are several types of modular units to choose from, including ModBox, ModPack/FlatPack, ModMulti, Rakita, ModSnap and ModHouse. Each one has its own advantages. ModBox is a very flexible modular unit, ModSnap is fast to build, and ModHouse is the most suitable for housing.

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What Is A Modular Shipping Container Building?

A Modular Building is a structure made up of modular units. Modular units can be connected or stacked to create building structures. Tradecorp offers the best prices for modular buildings made from modular units and shipping containers. There are various types of modern modular buildings with different models to support project activities.

Customize Design

Modular custom design can be applied to different requirements.


Fast and flexible installation under different conditions.


You can use Modular Buildings directly to maximize your investment

Our Best Modular Containers Buildings For Sale

Looking for quality modular units or shipping containers? Tradecorp offers the best modular construction and instant build solutions. Trust our years of experience with prefabricated modular buildings and containers. We offer modular buildings for sale or rent, prefabricated structures, and modular containers for many projects, houses, events, and construction sites including offsite construction.

  1. Mod Box
    Mod-Box is a modular unit that can be combined and stacked to form a modular building. It’s also a little wider than a flat pack. It only took me a few hours to assemble this unit.
  2. Mod Pack
    Mod-Pack dimensions are the same as a standard 20ft shipping container. This modular unit, therefore, has an intermodal character and can be transported by truck, train, or container ship. 
  3. Mod Multi
    Popular for construction projects, Mod-Multi offers two- and three-story settings. This feature allows you to save space and accommodate more people. ModMulti is easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.
  4. Mod Snap
    A Mod-Snap, commonly called a folding container or collapsible container, is a prefabricated unit that can be used as an office or accommodation. This collapsible unit can be installed in minutes with a crane and a few people.
  5. Mod House
    Mod-house is an expandable container house. When assembled, this instant home offering space with an area around three times the area of ​​a 20ft container. This foldable house is quick and easy to build.
  6. Rakita Prefab
    Rakita is a housing module used in mining camps and construction projects. Rakita structures are specially designed with strong steel frames and sandwich panels. It is best to build on a cement foundation.

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