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Tradecorp offers top-tier refrigerated container solutions for rents across the nation and its surrounding areas. Our services are available nationwide, ensuring convenient options tailored to your specific requirements.

Flexible Refrigerated Container Solutions for Precise Temperature Control

When it comes to precise temperature control for storage and transport, our efficient and reliable refrigerated container solutions are second to none. These meticulously designed containers cater to the stringent demands of industries like food, pharmaceuticals, and logistics, where maintaining temperature-sensitive cargo is crucial.

Our cutting-edge refrigeration systems ensure consistent and accurate temperature control, making these containers perfect for perishable goods, vaccines, and more. These containers don't just excel in temperature control; they also offer security and durability, built to withstand the rigors of transportation while safeguarding your cargo from external factors.

We offer rental options, providing you with the flexibility you need and substantial cost savings compared to purchasing. Renting our containers is a smart choice for businesses looking to preserve the quality and safety of their products. Choose our refrigerated container solutions for peace of mind in storage and transport, whether you decide to rent or buy.

Renting Refrigerated Containers

Selecting Refrigerated Containers to Meet Your Needs

In industries like construction, mining, and manufacturing, refrigerated containers play a vital role in maintaining precise temperature control for storage and transportation. If you require a solution for storing or transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, consider the benefits of renting our refrigerated containers. Our expert team specializes in crafting customized container solutions to align perfectly with your project's unique requirements. With our wealth of experience in this field, we're here to assist you in finding the ideal refrigerated container rental to fulfill your project's distinct temperature-controlled needs.

10' Offshore Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated Containers for Rent

Types and Specifications for Your Customized Solutions

20' High Cube Refrigerated Container With Side PA Door

Our 20ft HC reefer container, featuring a side personal access door, provides an efficient solution for your temperature-sensitive storage needs. Equipped with a Carrier machine and insulated walls and doors, it can maintain temperatures ranging from a minimum of -35°C (-31°F) to a maximum of 30°C (-86°F), offering approximately 32.2 m³ (1.137 ft³) of controlled space.

The side Personal Access (PA) Door offers convenient access to the container's contents without the need to open the main doors, reducing temperature fluctuations caused by frequent large door openings. PA doors are secured with a single locking bar, making them suitable for activities requiring regular reefer access.

To maintain temperature consistency, our reefer features rubber-sealed doors to prevent air exchange with the external environment. Brand-new units come with additional features like a CSC plate. 

Customization options include machine on/off door control, cool curtains, air vents, alarms, blast reefer, GPS tracking system, and insulated custom doors, tailored to your specific needs. This container complies with ISO requirements and includes standard reefer features such as a T-bar floor, stainless steel interior, refrigeration unit, and drainage.

Reefer containers are invaluable for suppliers needing large temperature-controlled spaces for items like poultry, fresh fish, flowers, and perishables. They've also played a crucial role in shipping essential cargo like food, medicine, and vaccines globally, doubling as cold storage for various industries and events.



External dimensions L 20’ x W 8’ x H 9’6” L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.9 m
Volume 1.137 cu ft 32.2 m³
Tare weight 6.878 lbs 3.120 kgs
Max payload 60.320 lbs 27.360 kgs
Max cargo 67.200 lbs 30.480 kgs

20' High Cube Refrigerated Containers (Carrier Primeline)

Refrigerated containers, commonly referred to as reefer containers, are designed to transport perishable goods requiring a consistent temperature to preserve their freshness and safety. Our reefer container offers a spacious storage capacity of approximately 33.2 m³. This versatile container is suitable for a wide range of items, including perishable foods like processed products, seafood, wines, as well as medical supplies and vaccines.

Equipped with a Carrier Primeline engine, our reefer container maintains a temperature range of -35°C to 30°C (-31°F to 86°F) reliably and efficiently. This ensures that your goods remain safely stored at their optimal temperature. Additionally, its rubber-sealed doors effectively prevent air leakage, ensuring a steady internal temperature. Even slight temperature fluctuations can lead to spoilage and product loss, which makes this feature crucial.

In addition to its effective insulation, this reefer container features T-bar flooring, promoting proper airflow from bottom to top. This ensures a stable temperature throughout the container, ensuring that your products are evenly reached by the cold air. Its interlocking bars facilitate the free air circulation around your items, preventing heat buildup and ensuring proper cooling.

Whether you're in the food or medical industry, our 20ft high cube reefer container equipped with a reliable cooling system presents an ideal solution. Tradecorp offers a wide range of conex boxes in various sizes and types. For more information on our available options, don't hesitate to reach out by filling out our inquiry form on the page.



External dimensions L 20’ x W 8’ x H 9’6” L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.9 m
Volume 1.141 cu ft 32.3 m³
Tare weight 6.570 lbs 2.980 kgs
Max payload 60.630 lbs 27.500 kgs
Max cargo 67.200 lbs 30.480 kgs

20' Refrigerated Container (Thermo King Magnum+)

If you need a reefer container that can maintain lower temperatures for storing your products, consider the 20ft reefer with a Thermo King Magnum+ engine. This container offers ample space for a wide range of products, whether you're transporting food, pharmaceuticals, or other perishable goods.

One standout feature of this container is its Thermo King Magnum+ engine, capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -40°C. It's well-insulated and features rubber-sealed doors to effectively preserve the desired temperature by keeping cold air inside and preventing warm air from infiltrating.

Brand-new units may include additional features like a CSC plate, GPS tracking system, and custom doors. Moreover, this container complies with ISO requirements and includes all the standard features of a reefer container, such as a stainless steel interior.

Whether you're in the food distribution, pharmaceutical, or any other industry requiring temperature-controlled transport and storage, this container is an excellent choice. Tradecorp offers a variety of conex boxes in different sizes and configurations. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for more details on the available options.



External dimensions L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8’6” L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.6 m
Volume 1.003 cu ft 28.4 m³
Tare weight 6.220 lbs 2.820 kgs
Max payload 60.980 lbs 27.660 kgs
Max cargo 67.200 lbs 30.480 kgs

20' Refrigerated Super Freezer Container -70°C (-94°F)

Tradecorp's 20ft Super Freezer Reefer Container is a game-changer in freezing and cold storage solutions. It features a Thermo King engine capable of reaching temperatures as low as -70°C (-94°F), making it ideal for preserving perishable cargo in various industries. The container, measuring L 20' x W 8' x H 8'6", strikes the perfect balance between space and portability.

This super freezer reefer container ensures top-tier freezing capabilities for a range of items, from perishable goods to medical supplies. Its rubber-sealed doors effectively prevent cold air leakage, maintaining a consistent temperature inside. This not only maximizes energy efficiency but also reduces the risk of spoilage due to temperature fluctuations. Convenient forklift pockets enable easy handling and transportation.

Customizable locking bar height enhances accessibility, ensuring effortless access to the container's interior for organizing and retrieving frozen goods. The container's design prioritizes insulation, effectively preserving the desired temperature, minimizing heat infiltration, and optimizing cooling performance. This insulation not only ensures energy efficiency but also extends the shelf life of frozen items.

For all your freezing and cold storage needs, our 20ft Super Freezer Reefer Container, equipped with a Thermo King engine and advanced insulation, is ready to support your cold chain requirements. Tradecorp offers a diverse range of conex boxes in various sizes and types, so don't hesitate to contact us for information on our current selection.



External dimensions L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8’6” L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.6 m
Volume 920 cu ft 26 m³
Tare weight 8.0 k 070 lbs 3.660 kgs
Max payload 44.840 lbs 20.340 kgs
Max cargo 52.910 lbs 24.00 kgs

The Advantages of Refrigerated Containers

Reefer containers ensure precise temperature control, preserving perishables and reducing logistical costs, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient and sustainable refrigeration solutions

Temperature Control

Reefer containers offer precise temperature control, ensuring that temperature-sensitive cargo such as food, medicines, and chemicals remain within the desired temperature range throughout transport.

Versatility & Adaptability

These containers are versatile and adaptable, transporting or storing a wide range of goods, from fresh produce and frozen products to heat-sensitive items, making them suitable for various industries.

Unlocking Flexibility

Our reefer container rentals offer customizable solutions to match your project’s unique temperature-controlled requirements. Discover the benefits of renting with Tradecorp.

Quality Assurance

Reefer containers meet industry standards for perishable cargo, ensuring compliance with safety and quality requirements which helps businesses maintain product integrity and meet customer expectations.


Refrigerated containers serve as the backbone for maintaining the quality and safety of temperature-sensitive cargo across a spectrum of industries. Beyond the obvious applications in transporting perishable goods and pharmaceuticals, these containers also extend their protective embrace to sectors like biotechnology. Here, precision in maintaining temperature conditions is paramount, safeguarding the delicate research materials that propel scientific advancements.

This underscores the crucial role refrigerator containers play in preserving invaluable assets in the realms of research, healthcare, and the broader pursuit of scientific breakthroughs. Their significance reverberates not only in cold storage but as pillars of innovation, enabling the world to nurture and harness knowledge.


Rental refrigerated containers are the keystone of quality and safety, providing to a wide range of industries. They offer a cost-effective and flexible solution, eliminating the need for a hefty upfront investment in purchasing such specialized equipment. 

In addition to their primary function of transporting perishable goods and pharmaceuticals, these rental containers find utility in biotechnology, where precise temperature control is vital. They safeguard delicate research materials, contributing to groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

These refrigerated containers are indispensable in preserving invaluable assets across research, healthcare, and the pursuit of scientific progress. They serve as more than cold storage; they are beacons of innovation, empowering the world to nurture and harness knowledge efficiently.


Refrigerated containers are versatile marvels, offering tailored rental solutions to meet the unique demands of various industries. In agriculture, they facilitate global trade by ensuring that fruits, vegetables, and delicate flowers maintain their freshness during international shipments. The food service industry benefits significantly from renting refrigerator containers, empowering catering companies to deliver high-quality meals at large events without the upfront cost of purchase. This flexibility redefines hospitality and event management standards.

Moreover, the chemical industry relies on these rentable containers to transport temperature-sensitive chemicals, ensuring the integrity and safety of products without the long-term commitment of ownership. The adaptability of rentable refrigerator containers resonates across industries, showcasing their profound impact on reshaping logistics, reducing costs, and fostering efficiency.


Refrigerated containers are not just workhorses of the cold chain; they are champions of sustainability in logistics. Renting these containers offers several benefits, including reducing upfront costs and providing flexibility in meeting temporary storage needs. Their ability to extend the shelf life of food products minimizes food waste, curbing the environmental impact of inefficient supply chains without the long-term commitment of ownership. 

Additionally, rentable refrigerator containers contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy-efficient features and improved insulation. As eco-conscious practices become the norm, these rentable containers are evolving to align with greener transportation solutions. Innovations such as eco-refrigerants and solar-powered cooling systems are emerging, ensuring that the cold chain remains both efficient and environmentally responsible. Rentable refrigerator containers are at the forefront of sustainable logistics, paving the way for a more eco-friendly future.


In the realm of cutting-edge technology, rentable refrigerator containers are in a constant state of evolution. Offering these containers for rent brings several advantages, such as cost savings and flexibility, enabling businesses to adapt to changing storage requirements without committing to long-term ownership. 

The incorporation of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and telematics systems in rentable containers empowers real-time monitoring and control, enhancing cargo security and temperature stability. Businesses can harness these benefits without the burden of a large upfront investment. 

Advanced data analytics and predictive maintenance algorithms, available with rentable units, are transforming how businesses optimize their supply chains. Furthermore, emerging trends like blockchain integration are being explored to ensure transparency and traceability in the cold chain, promising even greater reliability and accountability in temperature-controlled logistics. By staying at the forefront of these technological developments, industries can unlock the full potential of rentable refrigerator containers, meeting their unique needs while pioneering the future of cold chain logistics.


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