10' Offshore Refrigerated Container

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10' Offshore Refrigerated Container

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The 10ft Offshore DNV Refrigerated container provides energy-efficient and secure temperature-controlled storage in offshore locations. With a length of 10ft, this container offers a compact space ideal for storing temperature-sensitive items such as food, medicines, and chemicals for offshore rigs. Built to comply with the DNV 2.7-1 Standard, this container is designed to meet the strict requirements and standards of the offshore industry.

This DNV reefer container is equipped with several essential components, which are the front and door protective bars which function to protect the safety of the container’s content, preventing them from sustaining damage and avoiding accidental opening. Then there is T-bar flooring to facilitate proper airflow from bottom to top. Pad eyes on the corner top to provide secure lifting points for slings. Corner castings which are located close to the pad eyes allow for secure connection with other containers via twist-lock mechanisms. Also, forklift pockets to easily maneuver around the container, saving time and effort during the loading and unloading processes.

The reefer employs a Carrier cooling engine capable of maintaining temperatures from -35°C to 30°C for fresh transportation. It also has temperature control and monitoring features to sustain optimal temperatures and alert to any changes.



External dimensionsL 20’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.9 m
Volume418,8 cu ft11,86 m³
Tare weight6.790 lbs3.080 kgs
Max payload15.260 lbs6.920 kgs
Max cargo22.050 lbs10.000 kgs


What is an offshore DNV container?

A DNV shipping container or known as an offshore container, is a certified container for offshore use. Usually, DNV Containers are used by the oil and gas industry. DNV which stands for Det Norske Veritas is an independent foundation that works to protect people, property, and the environment both on land and at sea. DNV helps to ensure the dependability and safety of various operations including drilling units or offshore installations.

Why use an Offshore DNV container?

Offshore DNV containers are built in compliance with the DNV 2.7-1 Standard, which is an internationally recognized standard for offshore containers. This means that the containers meet certain requirements and standards that ensure their safety and reliability during transportation and storage.

What does reefer mean in shipping?

The term “reefer” comes from the word “refrigerated”, or a reefer container, which is equipped with a built-in refrigeration system and is used to transport perishable goods, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, at a controlled temperature and humidity level.

How are reefer containers powered?

Reefer containers rely on a built-in refrigeration system that requires electricity or a backup power source to function. They can be powered by plugging into a generator or a port’s electrical grid for electricity supply.

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