20' High Cube Insulated Container

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20' High Cube Insulated Container

Category: Refrigerated & Insulated

When it comes to controlling temperature fluctuations and preventing condensation due to moisture buildup, insulated shipping containers are the perfect solution. It has similar features to reefer containers but without the refrigeration machine. A fully insulated design also prevents water from entering. Our insulated containers offer optimal protection for a variety of goods, such as biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and several perishables. They ensure that your valuable items remain in a controlled environment throughout storage and transportation.

The high cube size of this container offers generous space, accommodating taller cargo that may not fit in standard containers. It is the perfect choice for transporting light and voluminous cargo, ensuring your transportation needs are met effectively.

Our insulated containers are compliant with the ISO standard and equipped with several features to ensure the safety and easy movement of the cargo during the journey. Our rubber-sealed doors help to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering, while the locking bars offer protection for the door handles and securely lock the container. Equipped with forklift pockets, this container facilitates easy handling, maneuvering, and relocation using a forklift, which simplifies the transportation process to its intended destination.

Our insulated container is also available in a 45ft size, providing you with an even wider selection to choose from. In addition to our range of shipping containers, we provide extensive customization options to meet your specific requirements. These options include but are not limited to, flooring choices, the addition of a lockbox, PA/entry door, exterior color selection, and various other customization features. Contact us to enquire about today’s selection of available options.



External dimensionsL 20’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.9 m
Volume1.211 cu ft34.3 m³
Tare weight5.950 lbs2.700 kgs
Max payload61.250 lbs27.780 kgs
Max cargo67.200 lbs30.480 kgs


What are insulated containers?

Insulated containers are made to maintain a consistent temperature for transporting perishable or temperature-sensitive goods. They are commonly used for transporting products such as fruits, vegetables, and pharmaceuticals.

Why insulate a shipping container?

Insulated containers are necessary to regulate the temperature inside a container when transporting or storing temperature-sensitive items, such as electronics or perishable goods, as the steel walls in standard shipping containers can get very hot or cold depending on the weather.

What are the other uses of insulation using shipping containers?

Insulation ensures the protection and proper temperature regulation required for various applications in different industries. They are commonly used for creating living or working spaces, as well as for storing temperature-sensitive assets like electronics and perishable goods. 

What types of cargo are carried by a 20ft HC insulated container?

Insulated shipping containers are utilized for transporting cargo that is temperature-sensitive or perishable cargo that requires a controlled environment to maintain the desired temperature throughout the transportation process. Some of the common items that are ideal for insulated shipping containers include food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, and more.

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