40' Refrigerated Container with Side Doors

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40' Refrigerated Container with Side Doors

Category: Reefer & Insulated

Our 40ft refrigerated container with two side doors is designed for efficient storage and transport of perishable products. With doors at the back and at the side, this container provides three entry points, ensuring easy access to items positioned closer to the front or back of the container.

The unit is equipped with a cooling machine, allowing precise control of temperature, humidity, and airflow. To minimize temperature fluctuations when opening the container doors, a plastic curtain can be added to the doors.

With a volume of 67.6 m³, this container provides ample space for your cargo. It comes with standard refrigerated container features, including insulated walls, stainless steel interior, and T-bar flooring. The rubber-sealed doors and stainless steel wall panels ensure optimal insulation and protection.

Other than that, this reefer also features forklift pockets for safely moving using a forklift and corner castings for secure stacking. It is also compliant with the ISO standards. Furthermore, new reefer units come with a CSC plate, ensuring compliance with international shipping regulations.

Experience reliable and efficient storage and transport solutions with our 40ft refrigerated container with two side doors. Moreover, Tradecorp offers an extensive range of conex boxes in different sizes and varieties. Feel free to contact us for more information on the available options.



External dimensionsL 40’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’L 12 m x W 2,4 m x H 2,6 m
Volume2.386 cu ft67.6 m³
Tare weight7.540 lbs3.420 kgs
Max payload59.660 lbs27.060 kgs
Max cargo67.200 lbs34.480 kgs


What is a side door in a shipping container for?

Containers with side doors offer greater ease of loading and unloading, providing versatile options for both the process and the types of items that can be loaded into the container.

What is a 40ft reefer container?

A 40ft reefer container refers to a refrigerated shipping container that has a standard external length of 40ft.

What does reefer mean in shipping?

In the shipping industry, “reefer” refers to a refrigerated container and it is used for storing and transporting temperature-sensitive goods at regulated temperatures.

What is a reefer container?

A reefer container, or refrigerated container, is used for shipping perishable goods that require temperature control during transportation or to maintain the items’ quality.

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