40' High Cube Container Cold Storage Complex

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40' High Cube Cold Storage Complex

Category: Reefer & Insulated

Our 40ft HC cold storage complex offers a solution for storing large quantities of perishable products or temperature-sensitive items. With this unit, you can have a cold storage or warehouse facility at your desired location to keep your temperature-sensitive products safe.

This complex comprises five 40ft high cube units that are put together to create large open space. This unit is equipped with Thermo King cooling machines, ensuring optimal refrigeration capabilities. Additionally, it is insulated to maintain internal temperature despite outside weather conditions.

This cold storage covers a 40ft x 40ft area with 15,360 cubic feet or 434,9 cubic meters volume, providing a voluminous space for your temperature-sensitive items. These machines are quick to assemble, allowing you to have a fully functional storage facility in no time. The three Thermo King cooling machines work seamlessly to maintain a stable and consistent cold temperature throughout the interior, preserving the quality of your valuable products and preventing spoilage.

Each cooling machine is equipped with a digital controller for managing temperature, humidity, and ventilation. This enables you to effectively create a controlled environment to ensure the products’ quality and prevent them from spoilage. The storage complex is a customizable unit, we can install separators on the inside to create separate sections for your products or add a personnel entry door for easy access.

As a trusted supplier of shipping containers, Tradecorp has been serving customers with excellence for many years. We are ready to deliver you efficient and safe cold storage or warehouse with our 40’HC Cold Storage Complex to meet your storage needs. Moreover, Tradecorp offers an extensive range of conex boxes in different sizes and varieties. Feel free to contact us for more information on the available options.



External dimensions L 40’ x W 40’ x H 9’6″ L 12 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.9 m
Volume 15.360 cu ft 434,9 m³
Tare weight 37.700 lbs 17.110 kg
Max payload 169.169 lbs 76.752 kg
Max cargo 374.800 lbs 170.006 kg


What differs between a cold storage complex and a high cube reefer container?

A cold storage complex consists of five 40ft high cube units and serves as a cold storage facility for food products or temperature-sensitive items. While a 40ft high cube reefer is a single-unit container.

What is a reefer container?

A reefer is a refrigerated container.

Is a reefer a freezer?

A reefer is not a freezer. A reefer is made to maintain the temperature of pre-cooled or frozen products within a specific range, without actively cooling them.

What differentiates Thermoking from other cooling machines?

The main difference is the temperature reach. The Thermoking Magnum+ engine can go as low as -40°C or -40°F.

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