Shipping Containers for Rent USA

Tradecorp is offering containers that customers can buy or rent shipping containers. The 20' and 40' containers are the most commonly used containers for rent and sale. Numerous types of shipping containers are available in a range of conditions such as 1 Trip, Cargo Worthy, WWT, and ASIS. We have high-quality shipping containers for sale in Los Angeles. Please contact us for further information on new & used shipping containers.

Let's Start with the Type of Containers You Need.

Tradecorp can offer many types of new and used shipping containers for both sale and rental. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need new or used shipping containers for sale.

Standard Containers for Rent

A Versatile and economical container type that will serve many purposes. Its intermodal nature allows it to be transported by train, truck or ship all over the Globe. Intended for storage and shipment of most dry cargo. This standard shipping containers are available for sale and for rent and they are the most popular container type for modification projects.

Container With Extra Doors

A faster logistical process can be done with extra doors. Loading and unloading will be easier with multiple access. The loading and unloading process can also be done faster because many teams or personnel can work in parallel. These containers are suitable when rapid access to stored cargo is needed.

Mini Containers

Save space with these smaller size containers. They are ideal for projects with tight space constraints. They are also suitable to store many different kinds of supplies or equipment without taking up much space. Stack it to save even more space. Being small doesn't make them less durable. They are as strong as other intermodal containers.

Refrigerated & Insulated

Stable temperature and humidity control regardless of the temperature fluctuation outside the container. These reefers will maintain the cargo within a steady temperature range. An Insulated container is like a reefer container, however without a cooling machine, it is suitable for short-distance travel for temperature-sensitive items.

Industrial Containers

Tank containers can store many different forms of cargo items such as liquid, powder, and gas. Transport special cargo with unusual shapes and sizes using an open top and flat rack container. Also, keep your workplace safe while storing dangerous goods substances in our dangerous goods containers.

Offshore DNV

Being away from land and moving from platform to platform, a safer and stronger container is required for use in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. These containers are certified for offshore use, they will protect your equipment and supplies. Tradecorp can provide all sorts of shapes and sizes of Offshore DNV 2.7-1 shipping containers for sale. Rental options are also available. Contact us to discuss your DNV Containers request.

Modified Containers

Industrial activity, mining operations and construction projects require a lot of custom products for special requirements such as accommodation-related and logistical-related projects. We have experience in providing custom containers for various project requirements.

Tradecorp Is Now Ready To Offer
Shipping Containers For Sale and Rent

Welcome to Tradecorp, A Nationwide Supplier of
Shipping Containers for Sale USA.

Tradecorp has specialized in shipping container sales and rental since the beginning. We have years of experience supplying customers from all sorts of industries. This gives us an understanding of what each industry needs.

Tradecorp supplies shipping containers and their variants to a broad range of industries and organizations. Specialized products such as accommodation and special size alongside amenity units can be supplied hassle-free and direct to customers such as mining camps or refugee facilities to name a few, the possibilities are boundless.

Storage Solutions

Our containers are the right solution for storing goods. Tradecorp can provide various container types and sizes. We are supplying good quality containers to keep your products safe.

Custom Products

Custom products can include custom colours, custom sizes, utility installations, and custom features. We can also give you examples of our custom containers from past projects that might suit your requirements.

After 35 Years, Tradecorp Continues to Provide Solutions to Our Global Customers

Tradecorp can offer all types of new & used shipping containers for either sale or rental options. The 20' and 40' container sizes are the most common for new or used containers.

Other than 20 feet and 40 feet we can also provide other sizes such as the smaller 6', 8', and 10' containers. Or the larger sizes such as 45' High Cube and even 53' High Cube containers also available for specialized requests.

The types of containers that we can provide also vary, like Dry Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Open-Top Containers, Offshore DNV 2.7-1, Tank Containers, Flat Rack containers, Bulker Containers, etc.

Moreover, our containers also vary in conditions such as new, used or 1-Trip shipping containers. For further information on our new or used shipping containers for sale, please contact us by filling in the quote form.

Tradecorp Service Areas

Tradecorp supply containers to diverse places in the USA, please contact us by filling in the quote form, and our representative for your area will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Tradecorp Shipping Containers Customers

Our customers range from startup companies to large corporations. Whether you are storing or transporting cargo, Tradecorp containers can maximize your storage space, thereby reducing overall costs. We not only deliver products, but we also provide solutions with our containers.

Why Choose Us?

Tradecorp is one of the market leaders in providing Intermodal Container solutions not only in the United States but Globally. With over 35 years in operation and 100's of container professionals in the business, Tradecorp will be sure to handle your request to the highest level.

Tradecorp can offer outright purchase, leasing, sale-leaseback, lease purchase, fleet management, and disposal options for all container types. However, where Tradecorp excels is working with clients to design and manufacture custom container types that improve efficiencies for our client's businesses that are not currently available in the market.

Sales, Rentals, Custom Order, and Turnkey Solutions

If you need more information on shipping container prices, contact us by filling the form. we will give the best respond to all request as soon as possible, so please make sure to provide the correct information.

We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our products and services. one of our team members will contact you as soon as possible after you fill out and submit the form.

Have Any Questions?

Tradecorp supplies high-quality new and used shipping containers for sale throughout the Americas. Our experienced container consultants can walk you through the purchase process to identify the perfect container that best suits your requirement. Please fill-out the contact form and one of our staff will be in touch.