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Offshore DNV container units are completely compatible with DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12071-1 and are made particularly for use on offshore oil and gas facilities. In order to guarantee that the safety of offshore platforms is not jeopardized, these units are produced in accordance with offshore safety rules.

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There are several procedures involved in certifying an offshore container by DNV 2.7-1 requirement. Each certification is individual and starts with a detailed design analysis because these containers are available in a wide range of sizes and combinations. A container's design will be evaluated in terms of its size, load ratings, welding techniques, sealant materials, and other details that have an impact on how well it performs.


Custom products can include custom colors, custom sizes, utility installations, and custom features. We can also give you examples of our custom containers from past projects that might suit your requirements.

Offshore Container

An offshore container is a type of container that is specifically designed and built for use in the offshore oil and gas industry. Offshore containers are typically made of steel and are used to store and transport equipment and supplies to and from offshore drilling rigs and platforms. They are also used to store hazardous materials and waste products generated during offshore operations. Offshore containers are typically made to withstand the harsh conditions of the offshore environment, including high winds, saltwater corrosion, and rough seas. The size of an offshore container is typically measured in terms of twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). A container that is 300 TEUs in size would be quite large, and would likely be used to store and transport a large amount of equipment or supplies.

What is the meaning of DNV 2.7-1?

DNV stands for Det Norske Veritas. This is a foundation that creates and issues many standards and certifications. One of them is DNV 2.7-1, a standard set of offshore containers. An offshore container can be defined as a portable unit specially designed for repeated use in the transportation of goods. The device has safety features to withstand extreme weather conditions on the open sea.


DNV Offshore is a classification society that provides services for the offshore oil and gas industry. Some of its key features and usage include:

  • Classification and ISO certification: DNV offshore classifies and certifies offshore platforms, drilling rigs, and other offshore assets according to industry standards and regulations. This ensures that these assets are safe and fit for purpose.
  • Inspection and assessment: DNV offshore performs inspections and assessments on offshore assets to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently. This includes visual inspections, non-destructive testing, and other specialized inspections.
  • Risk management: DNV offshore helps companies to identify and manage risks associated with offshore operations. This includes identifying potential hazards, assessing the likelihood and impact of these hazards, and implementing measures to reduce or eliminate them.
  • Verification and validation: DNV offshore verifies that offshore assets are designed and built according to industry standards and regulations. This includes reviewing engineering designs, witnessing testing, and verifying that the final product meets the required specifications.
  • Training and certification: DNV offshore offers a range of training and certification programs for offshore professionals, including safety training, engineering courses, and leadership development programs.
  • Research and development: DNV offshore conducts research and development projects to improve the safety and efficiency of offshore operations. This includes developing new technologies, methods, and tools to improve offshore asset performance and reduce the environmental impact of offshore operations.
  • Regulatory compliance: DNV offshore helps companies to comply with regulatory requirements for offshore operations. This includes providing guidance on industry standards regulations and assisting with the development of safety and environmental management systems.

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