10' Offshore DNV Container

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10' Offshore DNV Container

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Our 10' Offshore DNV Container is a compact yet robust solution designed for optimal efficiency in offshore activities. Made to meet DNV standards, this container guarantees durability in harsh offshore environments. Despite its smaller size, it upholds the strength of larger DNV containers, capable of withstanding strong winds, rough seas, and heavy rain.

Engineered with precision, our 10′ DNV Container features robust slings and shackles for safe and efficient crane movement. The floor and roof surfaces are coated with anti-slip paint, ensuring secure handling. Fully sealed, it provides impeccable protection for your cargo, making it ideal for transporting tools, equipment, or supplies, safeguarding them from external elements. This container complies with DNV 2.7-1 standards, making it a secure and efficient unit for offshore transportation and storage. Equipped with multiple lashing points, protective bars, pad eyes, and external lashing rings, it ensures your cargo remains secure and prevents shifting during transit. Additionally, our container is coated with marine-grade paint, allowing for multi-stacking to optimize space. Need extra features? We offer customization options, including cargo restraint nets, tailored to your specific requirements. Transporting this container is hassle-free due to its compact size, and our experienced staff is ready to assist with shipping arrangements.



What is the purpose of a 10' Offshore DNV Container?

The 10ft DNV Offshore Container is ideal for storing and transporting offshore equipment in situations where deck space is restricted.

What is DNV 2.7-1, and why is it important for offshore containers?

DNV 2.7-1 is a vital standard for offshore containers, ensuring safety, reliability, and compatibility in the offshore environment through specified design, construction, testing, inspection, and certification requirements.

What characterizes an offshore DNV container?

An offshore DNV container, certified for offshore use, is prevalent in the oil and gas sector. Adhering to DNV standards guarantees safety and versatility for various applications.

Why choose an offshore DNV container?

Offshore DNV containers meet the DNV 2.7-1 Standard, ensuring global safety compliance for transport and storage. They withstand harsh offshore conditions, require minimal maintenance, and offer easy portability.

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