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8' Drum Basket Offshore DNV Container

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The 8' drum basket offshore DNV container is an essential piece of equipment for offshore operations. It features a double swing door and an open-top design which can be fitted with a tarpaulin to keep the contents safe and protected from the elements. The easy-opening container doors make accessing the contents of the container a breeze. Whether you are storing or retrieving items, the doors can be easily opened and closed with minimal effort.

Designed to meet DNV 2.7-1 standards, this container is built to withstand the harsh conditions of offshore environments while keeping the contents safe and secure. The pad eyes are another important feature of the 8′ drum basket offshore DNV container. These sturdy metal loops provide a secure point for lifting and moving the container, making it easy to transport to different locations on the offshore platform or vessel.

External lashing rings are also included on the container, providing an additional level of security during transport. These rings allow the container to be securely fastened to other equipment or structures, reducing the risk of damage or loss. Internal lashing rings are also provided inside the container, ensuring that the contents are held securely in place during transport. This prevents items from shifting or moving around, which could potentially damage the contents or the container itself.

Forklift pockets are included on the container for easy loading and unloading. This makes it easy to move the container around the platform or vessel and ensures that it can be quickly and easily loaded onto a transport vehicle for removal from the site.



What is the drum basket offshore DNV container used for?

The drum basket offshore DNV container is utilized for storing and transporting oil and gas equipment, materials, and supplies in drums or cylindrical containers within offshore environments. It is particularly prevalent in offshore drilling operations, facilitating the transportation of equipment and materials between the drilling rig and supply vessels.

DNV 2.7-1: What is it and why is it important for offshore containers?

DNV 2.7-1 is a crucial standard for offshore containers, outlining requirements for their design, construction, testing, inspection, and certification. It ensures their safety, reliability, and compatibility in the offshore environment.

What defines an offshore DNV container?

An offshore DNV container, approved for offshore use, is prevalent in the oil and gas sector. In line with DNV standards, it guarantees safety and versatility for distinct applications.

Why opt for an offshore DNV container?

Offshore DNV containers conform to DNV 2.7-1 Standard, ensuring global safety compliance for transport and storage. They endure severe offshore conditions, demand minimal upkeep, and boast easy portability.

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