10'5" Mini Offshore DNV Containers

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10'5" Mini Offshore DNV Container

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An offshore DNV container is a specialized container designed and certified by DNV to meet the requirements of offshore operations in the oil and gas industry. The 10’5” Mini Offshore DNV Container is a practical and efficient solution for transporting equipment and tools to offshore oil rigs or offshore installations. Measuring L 5’9 x W 6’3 x H 10’5, this container is built to DNV 2.7-1 Standard, ensuring that it is safe, reliable, and capable of withstanding the harsh offshore environment.

The DNV container is designed with pad eyes and a sling set, to securely lift the container onto rigs using cranes and prevent cargo-carrying units from shifting during transport. A cargo safety net is also included, ensuring that your cargo stays in place and secure during transit. In addition to its functionality, this container also offers versatility. The compact size of this mini DNV container allows for easy transport and makes it suitable for offshore locations with limited space. It can also serve as temporary storage or workshop space for offshore projects.

Offshore DNV containers come in various sizes and configurations, including standard shipping container sizes and custom-built units. The 10’5” Mini Offshore DNV Container is an excellent pick for anyone looking to transport goods offshore. This mini container is constructed with durable materials and equipped with security features, making it suitable for transporting equipment, supplies, and other goods in offshore environments. Invest in the 10’5”  Mini Offshore DNV Container today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cargo is safe and secure during transit.



Tare weight3.640 lbs1.650 kgs
Max payload11.020 lbs5.000 kgs
Max cargo14.660 lbs6.650 kgs


What are the sizes of DNV containers?

DNV containers come in different sizes and configurations, including 9’5”, 10’5”, 10’, and 20’. The 10’5” Mini Offshore DNV Container is compact and an excellent option for offshore transportation.

What are the 10’5" Mini Offshore DNV Container Applications and Uses?

The 10’5” mini offshore DNV container can be used as a mobile laboratory, workshop, living quarter, control center, or equipment storage on oil rigs and other offshore platforms. Its compact size allows it to be transported easily to remote offshore locations, and its weather-resistant features protect against the harsh offshore environment.

Can offshore containers be modified to suit specific needs?

It’s possible to convert offshore containers to fit some requirements, such as offices, workshops, waste skips, drum baskets, and more. This versatility makes them a valuable asset for offshore oil and gas operations.

What are the optional features of offshore DNV containers?

Offshore DNV containers can be customized with optional features to suit your needs, such as HVAC systems, electrical installations, fire and gas detection systems, insulation, windows, and doors. Other optional features may include lighting, shelving, racks, and personnel access doors. These features enhance the functionality and comfort of the containers in offshore environments.

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