10' High Cube Dangerous Goods shipping Container

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10' High Cube Dangerous Goods Shipping Container

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The Tradecorp 10′ High Cube Dangerous Goods Shiping Container is ideal for storing hazardous substances. Like any other dangerous goods (DG) container, this one also has a ventilation and spill control system. In addition, this container locking mechanism allows you to open and close the container easier than a standard container.

If you need to store dangerous goods in a limited space, this is the container for you. With our 10′ high cube dangerous goods shipping container, you can easily and safely store your dangerous goods to the required standard. Dangerous Goods Containers are suitable for hazardous items in liquid or solid form. Some examples of DG that may be stored indoors are paints, diesel fuel, chemicals, thinners, oils, and other flammable liquids. In addition, you can also use this bin to store non-hazardous materials that are likely to be spilled.

Spill control and ventilation are requirements that dangerous goods storage units must have. Spills should be handled immediately to avoid serious hazards. The bundled perforated floor prevents spilled liquid from leaking out and allows them to flow to the containment area. Where it can be drained safely, later. The ventilation system helps to let out and to reduce toxic vapors concentration caused by spills or evaporation.

Our 10′ Dangerous Goods Container follows ISO standards. So, the container you receive will be sturdy, durable, and reliable even when exposed to bad weather conditions.

In addition, to avoid serious injury or loss. This container can avoid dangerous vapor concentration. And in the event of a dangerous goods spill, leak can be prevented. So, it will be safer for everyone working in the area.

You can sit back and relax. We can deliver this 10′ container of dangerous goods to the location you require. Our experienced team is ready to plan the most efficient shipping methods to ensure your container arrives on time.



External dimensionsL 10’ x W 8’ x H 9′ 6″L 3 m x W 2.4 m x H 2.6 m
Volume544 cu ft15.4 m³
Tare weight3.840 lbs1.740 kgs
Max payload22.840 lbs10.360 kgs
Max cargo26.680 lbs12.100 kgs

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