20' Offshore Test Cabin Containers

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20' Offshore Test Cabin Containers

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Tradecorp’s 20ft test cabin DNV shipping container is specifically designed for testing activities in offshore operations within the oil and gas industry. These cabins are designed to meet the safety requirements of the DNV 2.7-1 Standard, ensuring the container's quality and performance. Measuring L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8’6”, these cabins have a compact size, providing flexibility and convenience in remote locations.

Our 20-foot Test Cabin DNV Shipping Container comes equipped with a personnel entry door for easy accessibility. The personnel door is attached to the easy-open door, allowing staff working in the container to easily access the interior without having to open the container door every time. The container is also equipped with windows with protective bars in the design to allow natural light and ventilation inside the container and for security measures. It is also fully insulated and the external walls are coated with a special marine-grade paint that meets marine standards for durability. 

The presence of safety features such as explosion-proof electrical installations, protective bars on windows and doors, and fully insulated interiors make them an ideal choice for industries dealing with combustible gases, combustible dust, and vapors, where the risk of explosion is high. We have included the necessary equipment to facilitate this type of DNV container, such as sturdy working tables, and a row of cabinets with heavy-duty wire for storing files, tools, and other items. Moreover, the container is equipped with an durable archive cabinet and air conditioning.

We can accommodate your requests to enhance this container with additional features following your needs. For the best procurement experience, we offer to arrange the safest route for transporting the container to its destination. At Tradecorp, we have a wide array of conex boxes in various sizes and models. Contact us to find out about the range of options currently available.



External dimensionsL 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Tare weight8.642 lbs3.920 kgs
Max payload35.406 lbs16.080 kgs
Max cargo44.092 lbs20.000 kgs


What does DNV mean?

DNV (Det Norske Veritas) is an accredited registrar, classification society, and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry. It releases the DNV 2.7-1 certification to ensure offshore containers meet the standards for offshore activities.

What are the uses of the DNV test cabin container?

It is designed for testing activities in offshore operations, as well as for research purposes, or as an office space.

What are pad eyes?

Pad eyes are parts of the offshore containers located on each corner of the container roof. They serve as attachment points to allow the lifting of offshore containers using slings and shackles.

Is Tradecorp’s 20ft DNV test cabin container insulated?

Our test cabin is insulated to make the test cabin container more comfortable as it provides protection against the outside weather. The inside of the test cabin can be customized to support your test facility needs.


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