9'5" Mini Offshore DNV Containers

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9'5" Mini Offshore DNV Containers

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The Tradecorp 9'5" Offshore DNV Container is the ideal and robust option for individuals who need a portable and sturdy storage container for their offshore operations. DNV, which name refers to the Norwegian Classification Society or Det Norske Veritas, sets strict standards for offshore containers. An offshore DNV container is able to withstand the harsh environments and handling of the offshore industry. DNV containers are suitable for the oil and gas industry because of their safety and efficiency. This particular container unit is 9'5" high, has plenty of room for supplies and equipment, and its small size makes it simple to move around and transfer in confined locations.

Tradecorp’s 9’5″ offshore DNV containers are made of durable Corten steel and reinforced according to DNV standards for offshore containers. The steel is designed to endure challenging offshore situations as it is also water-resistant. The container is also suitable for usage in corrosive saltwater environments, severe weather, and tall waves. Hence, the container can be used sustainably and for a long time. Other main features of this container unit are secure and easy-to-open doors with locking bars, locking cams, door handles, lashing rings, forklift pockets, corner castings, an internal shelf, and/or a cargo net. Due to these features, this unit is often used to store tools or smaller industrial equipment that can’t be stacked in a larger container. To prevent theft and unauthorized entry, the container has been installed with a secure door with a heavy-duty hinge and a locking mechanism.

Inside, the container has an internal shelf or racks to make the most of the available space. As a result, equipment and supplies are kept organized and accessible. It is also furnished with forklift pockets, which facilitate movement and transportation. The corner castings allow the container to be connected to other containers, and transport modes such as ship, rail, and road. Corner castings are also used to allow shipping containers to be lifted and transported easily. This container unit is DNV 2.7-1 certified, which means the container design, manufacture, testing, and certification are all governed by the DNV 2.7-1 standard. The certification covers topics like stability and strength, anti-corrosion measures, safety features, and handling and lifting tools. To conclude, the 9’5″ mini offshore DNV containers are durable, compact, secured, and organized.

Tradecorp’s 9’5″ offshore DNV containers are the perfect option if you’re working on an offshore oil rig, a marine construction project, or just need a safe storage unit for your goods. It is the ideal option for any offshore business due to its small size, robust design, and DNV certification. Experience the ease and peace of mind that come with having secure and long-lasting storage options for your offshore activities by ordering your 9’5″ offshore DNV containers right away.

Not only the offshore containers, but Tradecorp also provides other types of offshore DNV, such as toolbox, basket, side open, refrigerated, drum basket, waste skip, half height, open top, and many more. Head over to fill out the quote and tell us your requirements as Tradecorp also accepts custom orders. After filling out the quote, our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.



Tare weight3.480 lbs1.580 kgs
Max payload8.820 lbs4.000 kgs
Max cargo12.300 lbs5.580 kgs

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