40' High Cube Shipping Container

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40' High Cube Shipping Container

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Our 40’ High Cube Shipping Container is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses who require a sturdy, reliable, and spacious storage and transport solution. This container measures 40’ x 8’ x 9’6”, providing additional height and ample space for a wide range of goods and equipment. Whether you need to store or transport consumer goods, household items, construction materials, or machinery, this container will offer the space you require.

This 40ft container comes with several standard shipping container features, including corner castings and forklift pockets that make it easy to move around your property or loading dock. These pockets are specifically designed to fit standard forklifts, allowing you to move the container safely and efficiently. A lockbox can also added for extra security measures, providing protection against theft and unauthorized access.

The lashing rings are another important feature of this shipping container. These rings provide multiple anchor points for securing your cargo, ensuring that it stays in place during transit. This feature is especially crucial to ensure the safety of your goods and prevent damage during shipping. Equipped with air vents, these features ensure sufficient ventilation to prevent the buildup of moisture.

The 40’ high cube shipping container is a versatile and practical solution that offers ample space for your goods and equipment. With its, corner castings, air vents, lashing rings, a lockbox, locking bars, and forklift pockets, this container is ready to provide you with secure and efficient storage or transport. Furthermore, Tradecorp presents a broad assortment of conex boxes with different sizes and options. Get in touch with us to inquire about the available selection today. 



External dimensionsL 40’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’L 12 m x W 2,4 m x H 2,9 m
Volume2.694 cu ft76.3 m³
Tare weight7.760 lbs3.520 kgs
Max payload59.440 lbs26.960 kgs
Max cargo67.200 lbs30.480 kgs


What is a high cube container?

High cube containers are shipping containers that are one foot taller than the standard container and are used to carry oversized cargo that wouldn’t fit in standard containers.

How to identify HC containers?

High cube containers have yellow and black stripe stickers on top of the container’s rear-end door. You can also identify it from the ISO size & type code.

What are the uses of 40ft HC containers?

Other than for storing and transporting bulky items that don’t fit in standard containers, 40ft HC containers are used as portable offices or for storage. They can also be customized for various functions.

What is the difference between 40ft and 40ft HC?

The main difference is the height; a 40ft HC container is one foot taller than a standard 40ft container.

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