8' Dry Shipping Container

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8' Dry Shipping Container

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The Tradecorp 8’ Dry Shipping Container is a medium-sized container in our Mini Shipping Container series. For individuals that require additional space for storage, transit, or other uses, an 8ft dry shipping container is a flexible and affordable alternative. The 8’ containers are perfect for a variety of purposes because it has more internal storage space than a 6’ dry shipping container. Like the 6-foot container, the 8-foot dry shipping containers also feature lock bars, a lock bar, corner castings, lashing rings, air vents, durable plywood floors, and corrugated walls.

This container unit is made of durable Corten steel and is built to resist the demanding circumstances of storage and transportation. The 8 feet container is made to be portable and is simple to move by truck. Hence, this container unit is a great option for people who frequently move or need to keep their possessions in several locations.

The 8-foot containers are durable and secure enough to keep your goods dry and safe, as well as the well-ventilated interior offers a secure setting for storing products. The easy-to-open doors at one end of the container make it easier for the goods to be loaded in and out. The container also has plywood flooring, which gives the items being stored a solid and long-lasting foundation. The flooring is also moisture-resistant, lowering the possibility of moisture exposure-related damage. The container’s corrugated walls are an excellent option for shipping and storage needs as it offers durability, weather resistance, and cost-effectiveness. Corrugated walls for dry shipping containers are a useful and adaptable solution for various applications thanks to their lightweight construction, enhanced ventilation, and customizability.

Although the size is considered small, this container is durable and secure enough to keep your goods dry and safe, while it withstands the harsh weather from the sun, rain, and wind. An 8′ mini shipping container is used as a storage and transportation unit. However, you can also reconstruct the container into personal workspaces, small art studios, coffee shops, and many other possibilities. The additional area 8-foot dry shipping containers offer over 6-foot containers is one of its main advantages. Increased storage capacity and greater flexibility for personalization and organization are two benefits of this additional space. The container is a simple and adaptable option for a variety of storage and transit purposes.

Overall, if you require extra capacity for storage, transportation, or other needs, an 8-foot dry shipping container is a perfect choice. The container is a practical and affordable choice for a variety of purposes due to its steel construction, transportation, and additional storage capacity. 8ft dry shipping containers are a straightforward and useful solution for your storage needs, whether you need to store stuff for a while or permanently.

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External dimensionsL 7’4″ x W 8’ x H 8’2″L 2.25 m x W 2.43 m x H 2.5 m
Volume349 cu ft9.9 m³
Tare weight2.094 lbs950 kgs
Max payload11.133 lbs5.050 kgs
Max cargo13.227 lbs6.000 kgs

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