6' Dry Shipping Container

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6' Dry Shipping Container

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Introducing our most compact container, the 6’ Dry Shipping Container. At just 6 feet long, 6.5 feet wide, and 6.1 feet high, this type of container fits perfectly in tight spaces. The Tradecorp 6’ dry shipping containers feature two locking bars mechanism with easy opening doors, a lockbox, forklift pockets, corner castings, durable plywood floors, and corrugated walls. These units are designed to meet the needs of customers who require a compact, space-efficient storage solution or need to transport smaller amounts of goods.

A dry shipping container is a type of cargo container that is used to transport dry goods, such as clothing, food, machinery, and other items that do not require temperature control. The container is made of weathering Corten steel which offers safety and durability for the cargo inside, and is designed to be stacked, loaded, and unloaded onto ships, trucks, and trains for mobility. The Corten steel also makes the containers resistant to corrosion and impact damage. The 6’ dry shipping container has floor-to-ceiling corner posts that maximize the usable area and doors on one end that are easily accessible for loading and unloading. The lock box, cam locks, and other reliable locking mechanisms guarantee the security of the container’s contents during both storage and transportation. Additionally, an air vent is incorporated to reduce the accumulation of moisture and promote airflow.

The forklift pockets are inserted to secure, balance, and lift the container safely. Strong and long-lasting plywood floors can endure heavy loads and frequent use. This makes it a great alternative for flooring in shipping containers, which are frequently used to store and move big items. Plywood floors’ resistance to moisture and decay is also crucial. The durability of the flooring and the chance of harm to the items kept in the container can be improved by plywood’s resistance to moisture. The container is more resistant to impact damage and other stresses during transport thanks to the corrugated wall design, which adds strength and rigidity. The corrugated walls also offer additional defense against weather and moisture exposure, assisting in the prevention of water damage.

This unit offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your goods are safe and secure in addition to being affordable and reusable, reducing waste and environmental impact. Due to their smaller size, 6-foot containers are perfect for usage in confined areas like a tiny backyard, a driveway, or a parking lot. Compared to larger containers, 6’ dry shipping containers are simpler to handle and carry due to their lower size, making them easy to move from one place to another. Its small size, strength, and adaptability make it an excellent choice for a variety of applications, and its affordability ensures that you can acquire the storage or workspace you require without going over budget. Similar to larger containers, this container can be customized to match the client’s requirements by adding storage, lighting, or air conditioning, whether the client needs it for temporary storage, a mobile workshop, or a backyard office.

Since this unit is considered small in the category of dry shipping containers, moving this container from one place to another is quite easy. However, Tradecorp is able to arrange shipping for this container to the client’s destinations without hassle. Besides the mini-sized containers, Tradecorp also provides other standard-sized containers, such as the 20ft and 40ft dry shipping containers. Nevertheless, the 6-foot dry shipping containers are the ideal option if you’re searching for a dependable, affordable, and flexible storage solution. For more information and detailed inquiries, please fill out the form below and our representative will get back to you promptly.



External dimensionsL 6’ x W 6’5″ x H 6’1″L 1,8 m x W 2 m x H 1,8 m
Volume192 cu ft5.45 m³
Tare weight1.764 lbs800 kgs
Max payload9.700 lbs4.400 kgs
Max cargo11.464 lbs5.200 kgs

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