20' Site Office Container with Pantry

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20' Site Office Container with Pantry

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Our 20ft office container is a highly functional space that comes with a pantry and can be relocated to any site or remote area. This container offers a compact yet practical solution that provides a generous space of 33.2 m³ while also maintaining a pleasant working environment.

This office container comes with a single door and two awning windows that provide natural light to enter and provide ventilation. The mini pantry is perfect for preparing meals without having to leave the office and would further enhance its convenience when placed in a fully remote area, its compact size is ideal for fixing quick snacks or beverages.

Our office container features insulated walls, providing comfort for workers in colder temperatures and maintaining a suitable temperature during both the day and night. This makes it an ideal workspace, even during the hottest or coldest months of the year. The insulation also helps reduce noise levels, further supporting in maintaining productivity. The dark-coated floor will also make the office container visually appealing while also effectively concealing stains and dirt, making it easier to maintain a clean and tidy space. The surface material is easy to maintain and resistant to scratches, ensuring that it looks great for years to come.

If you need a temporary office or a mobile workshop for a remote job site, this container offers the flexibility and functionality you need to get the job done. Tradecorp provides a diverse selection of conex boxes in various sizes and types. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about the current assortment of options. 



External dimensionsL 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.6 m
Tare weight4.872 lbs2.210 kgs
Max payload21.583 lbs9.790 kgs
Max cargo26.455 lbs12.000 kgs


What is an office container and how is it different from a traditional office?

An office container is a practical and comfortable solution for your on-site workspace needs and storage. They can be relocated anywhere and provide a quick setup solution. They differ from traditional offices for their portability, cost-effectiveness, and can be customized to fit specific needs.

What are the benefits of using an office container for my business or project?

Using an office container can provide several benefits for your business or project, including cost savings, portability, customization options, quick setup, and flexibility in terms of location and use.

What types of features or amenities can be included inside an office container?

It can be customized to include a wide range of features and amenities, including heating and air conditioning systems, lighting, electrical outlets, windows, plumbing, insulation, furniture, and storage solutions.

Can an office container be modified or customized to fit my specific needs?

Tradecorp’s site office container is customizable to fit your specific needs, which includes adding features like electrical outlets, doors, windows, and other amenities, as well as adjusting the layout and size of the container.

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