4 Lock Types of Shipping Container

Picking the right lock is a significant thing to do since the items you have stored in a cargo container might be highly valued. To ensure that your items arrive at their destination completely intact, you must give them good security. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for locks to use when transporting your shipping container:


Make sure to purchase a lock that offers protection against common break-in techniques like drilling, lock picking, and bolt cutters.

Sturdy material

It is considered a good lock if it is made of strong and durable materials to ensure that it is long-lasting and won’t break easily when forced to open.

Weather resistance

The best locks are capable of withstanding a variety of conditions in any weather, so finding one with this quality is essential to do. While making sure the locks that you will choose have those basic qualities, here are the top 4 options for shipping container locks you can consider:


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Whether it’s small packages or large shipping containers, padlocks are frequently used in the shipping industry. A shipping container padlock is usually a U-form steel that needs to fasten to the lockbox’s loop to secure the container. There are many options available for container padlocks to pick out, depending on the design and material you like best. For a high level of security, try to purchase a container padlock with a lockbox so that it will be more difficult to pick and tamper. Some containers come with a lockbox. If your container already has a lockbox then you don’t need to get one.

Crossbar Locks

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Another excellent and popular option for securing shipping containers is crossbar locks. Crossbar locks are relatively simple to install since you can quickly attach to the locking system on the container door. You can lock the clamp tightly using the key lock mechanism. Crossbar locks are extremely resistant to lockpicks and bolt cutters since they are made of very durable materials. Some crossbar locks have extensions you can use if the bars on your shipping container are a little larger than usual.

Hidden Shackle Padlocks

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Hidden shackle padlocks are ideal for shipping high-value cargo since they are very secure and hard to break in. The shackles are enclosed within the body which makes this type of lock very challenging to pick using common tools like bolt cutters or lockpicks. You would also need to purchase some matching hasps to mount the lock on the containers. Despite their high level of security, hidden shackle padlocks are simple and handy to use.

Truck Seals

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You can choose truck seals for securing your conex box if you’re looking for a popular and more affordable option. Truck seals work similarly to plastic zip ties. They are ideal for shipments of low value or in low-security settings since they are made of delicate material. While they are very easy to use, truck seals work well at preventing the container’s doors from accidentally opening. You might want to consider some additional security locks to prevent unauthorized access if you’re shipping high-value items.

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