3 Favorite Styles of Restaurants Using Shipping Containers

3 Favorite Styles of Restaurants Using Shipping Containers

Following the trends for food trucks, a growing number of restaurants are opening up using shipping containers. The trend doesn’t end with one type of cuisine as these spaces are transformed into full kitchens. The catch is that these are permanent installations rather than temporary pop-ups, and the surrounding outdoor areas were considered in the design. If you are deciding to make one, then you just land in the right place. The next thing to think about is to construct a shipping container restaurant and what kind of restaurant will best suit your requirements. With the help of this guide, you now know which kind might be the most practical for your business plan.

Food Truck Container Restaurants

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With little seating and basic kitchen supplies, this kind of shipping container restaurant or coffee shop is typically set up like a food truck. These businesses are designed with the idea that they can be moved around easily, enabling them to serve clients in various locations. For instance, if your company will be present at a fair, event, or farmers market. These kinds of container eateries and coffee shops frequently specialize in a single cuisine. Since they do not have access to complete kitchen appliances like ovens or stoves, they might serve tacos or ice cream as an example.

Sit-down Dining Shipping Container Restaurants

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A sit-down dining style is something you might want to choose if you desire something more stable. These dine-in shipping restaurants typically have more seating options and complete kitchen facilities than food truck-style containers. Instead of waiting outside for their orders, sit-down restaurants let customers enjoy their meals in a cozy setting. For those who want to open a full-service restaurant but don’t want to suffer the expense of starting from scratch, this type of container restaurant would be ideal. With this design, you can combine several containers to give your kitchen and dining area a larger space.

Café Style Container Restaurants

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The best part about café container restaurants is that customers can unwind while enjoying their meals or drinks outside without any hustle of parking or entering a building. These containers are ideal for people who want to cash in on outdoor trends like al fresco dining or grab-and-go foods like cold brew coffee or smoothies. Typically, counter service is used in this setting so that staff members can focus on preparing food while still providing excellent customer service. A standard 20 feet or 40 feet can be used to construct this type of cafe container

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