Get to Know More About Reefer Container Types

For many years, refrigerated containers or commonly known as reefer containers have been playing a vital role in carrying easily spoiled products all around the world. Without reefer containers, there will be a poor possibility of having goods delivered and consumed, like vaccines, canned food, or having a taste of spices or exotic fruits that don’t exist within your territory. Reefer containers come in a variety of types to suit shippers’ needs depending on their uses, type of goods, and other factors.

While diving deep into their specific types, you might want to know how a reefer container works and learn about their features here in our previous article. Here are the 7 types of reefer containers that can be provided by Tradecorp, which include 20’ Refrigerated Container, 20’ Blast Freezer, 20’ Dual Zone Super Freezer -60°C, 20’ Super Freezer -60°C, 20’ Domestic Refrigeration Container, 40’ High Cube Container Super Freezer -60°C, and Cold Storage Complex.

20’ Reefer Container

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A 20 feet reefer container is the most standard type among all the other reefer container types that Tradecorp can offer. The 20 feet reefer container unit is equipped with a built-in cooling system that includes a control panel, as well as fans, vents, insulation, and a condenser powered by a genset to keep the interior temperature and humidity stable. A reefer container is ideal to store goods at both hot and cold temperatures.

The length, power, and design of a reefer container can be adjusted to suit your needs. A variety of accessories can also be fitted into a reefer container, such as a GPS tracking system to monitor the container temperatures for making sure they function properly during the voyage. The 20’ reefer container is also available in high cube type too.

20’ Blast Freezer Refrigerated Container

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A blast freezer is typically used for the quick freezing of high-value seafood like tuna and meat. Our blast freezer unit is designed for freezing cargo to -40°C. Tradecorp’s blast freezer T-bar flooring helps to maintain airflow bottom-up, ensuring that the products are properly frozen. A 20’ blast freezer is distinguished by its two machines that are fitted on the side wall.

20’ Dual Zone Super Freezer -60°C

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For businesses that need to place their products into two different compartments that freeze in different temperatures, then Dual Zone Super Freezer is suitable for you. For instance, one of the compartments can be adjusted to any desired temperature to as low as -60 degrees Celsius, and the other one can be regulated to 7 degrees Celsius. Two different types of products with different temperature requirements are made possible to store in the same container by dual zone super freezer.

20’ Super Freezer -60°C

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Tradecorp’s super freezer is able to maintain the freshness of your perishables with an advanced cooling system that preserves your goods at the right temperature. Any kind of meat, seafood, or medicines can be stored at the desired temperature. Super freezer can go as low as -60°C. A super freezer container is equipped with good quality insulation on both walls and doors to provide resistance against the warmth or weather temperature outside of the box.

40’ High Cube Container Super Freezer -60°C

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The 40 feet high cube container super freezer has similar built-in features to the standard type of super freezer, with an extra 12 inches in height. This super freezer container can store loads at a maximum temperature of -60°C (-76°F), equipped with insulation inside both walls and doors. This type of cold storage is ideal for suppliers who require a bigger space for their freight and super low temperature, like poultry, fresh fish, flowers, and more.

Cold Storage Complex

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Tradecorp’s Cold Storage Complex is a large cold storage facility made up of several connected refrigerated containers. A cold storage complex has interior walls made of stainless steel, making it suitable for storing food. They are also equipped with an air circulation fan to ensure that the cold air is evenly circulated throughout the entire storage. The cooling system for this container is also yours to choose from, starting from Daikin, Carrier, and Thermo King. Each of those three offers a different range of lowest possible temperatures, with Daikin offering temperatures as low as -30°C, Carrier as low as -35°C, Thermo King as low as -40°C, and Thermo King offering temperatures as low as -60°C. The storage also has a digital controller that lets you regulate the ventilation, humidity, and temperature. For items that require a specific temperature like fresh, perishable, and frozen goods are typically kept in our cold storage complex to ensure that the products won’t spoil during the long journey.

Now that you know each type of reefer container, you can decide which reefer type that best suits your needs. They are certified reefer containers that are safe to carry cargo and are in good condition. Contact a Tradecorp specialist today and feel free to consult with us regarding your specific requirements.

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