A Guide to Buy A 40’ HC Shipping Container

High cube containers are similar in design and length to standard containers, but taller. A 40 feet high cube shipping container is around 30 cm or 12 inches higher than the standard shipping container, meaning that the additional space can be used to optimize cargo capacity. A high cube shipping container weighs more than a standard 40 feet shipping container. Normally, high cube containers are distinguished by black and yellow stripes labels at the top of the unit.

When choosing the size of the shipping container you are going to get, there are several main factors to consider. The main factors are weight and dimension of your dry cargo. These are relevant when deciding between a standard and high cube container along with determining between choosing a 20-foot container and a 40-foot container. The choice of size is easy when these factors are taken into account one at a time. Our 40 feet high cube shipping container will also be equipped with our standard add-ons like the forklift pocket, air vents, and lockbox.

What is a 40’ HC Shipping Container?

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A 40 feet high cube conex container has a similar size dimension in length and width compared to the 40 feet general purpose shipping container but is a few inches higher than the regular containers. This additional height gives the 40ft high cube containers an extra storage capacity. Another interesting point between the 40-foot high cube shipping containers compared with the 40-foot standard shipping containers is the weight. Both have around the same maximum gross weight. Various types of general cargo are transported in high-cube containers, they are especially well suited for moving light, bulky, and over-height cargoes. The 40 ft high cubes are perfect for long-distance transportation for their durability and weatherproof.

40’ HC Shipping Container Specifications

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The dimensions of the 40 ft high cube shipping container are 40’ long, 8’ wide, and 9,6’ high, which is ideal for storing long goods and equipment. The 40 feet high cube containers typically accommodate around 2,694 cu ft of volume, with a maximum payload around 59,660 lbs or 27,060 kgs. High cube conex containers are a great option for storing large items for ocean freight or large quantities of goods, especially the ones with extra heights. Typical loads that are transported using high cubes are for instance, electrical and electronic equipment, textiles, machinery, or even raw materials for production and bulk commodities.

Features and Add-ons

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Our 40 feet high cube shipping container is made of durable materials, such as corten steel walls, plywood flooring which offers high impact resistance, and a sturdy roof. The high cube shipping containers also have typical air ventilation to allow airflow inside the container. They are also equipped with forklift pockets which are installed in the bottom side rails and are parallel to the center of the containers. These forklift pockets are a great addition because, without forklift pockets, it will be hard for a forklift to lift the container. Other than that, on the inside, there are several lashing rings that can be tied down anchor to hold a good deal of loads.

A variety of features can be added to this container. You can add the desired accessories to your request for a quote and select between new and used containers. We will respond to your inquiries promptly.

Considering a 40’ HC Shipping Container

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Tradecorp offers a fully competitive market price for storage containers. Once submitting your request, you will receive offers that will suit you best. We also have other types of containers to fulfill your needs other than the standard types or 40’ high cube shipping containers, such as mini containers, refrigerated or reefer containers, tank containers, offshore DNV, or specialized containers like the duocon and flatracks.

You may also consider the used container for a more affordable price and still get a good value. You’re a step closer to purchasing units at the best prices if you’ve made it this far. With Tradecorp, there is no need to worry about unreliable suppliers, risky transactions, or unreasonable prices. Any type of container that you demand, we’ve got you covered. Reach us out in just a click away by filling out the quote form on our page and our team will contact you promptly.

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