Top 3 Uses of Conex Containers

If you are looking for a Conex container for sale, what functional uses can you take advantage of it? Besides the major purpose of transporting cargo by intermodal means of transport like ships, trains, or trucks. The sizes of intermodal containers that are popular among buyers are 20 ft and 40 ft in length. Additionally, the most common container height used for storing or transporting goods as well as building materials is standard and high-cube variations. Both types share the same width of 8 feet, but they have different heights. The standard containers are 8’ 6”, while the high cube containers are 9’ 6” tall.
Let’s explore the top 3 uses of Conex containers. 

Shipping goods 

You might realize that the mobile phone you are using, the tea you are zipping, or the shirt you are wearing was possible for you to buy because they were transported to your city using Conex containers. Conex containers or storage containers and shipping containers are used to store and transport most consumer goods worldwide. These intermodal containers make it possible to ship consumer goods from different manufacturers across continents to consumer markets on different continents. 

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Storage Solutions 

Designed to withstand harsh environments and rough handling during long-distance transportation, Conex containers are durable, safe, and can be secured. Given that reason, many buyers purchase storage containers for sale as storage solutions. They can use Conex containers as storage solutions for residential or business purposes.  

For residential purposes, most buyers purchase storage containers for sale that are available near them to store household equipment. Meanwhile, business owners can take advantage of storage containers to be repurposed for warehousing where their clients can keep their inventory safe and secure from external elements.  

For sure, storage containers are widely available which also supports their popularity as a storage solution. Buyers who are looking for storage containers for sale can purchase them from a variety of sources near them. 

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Building Materials 

The use of containers as a building material is increasing in demand thanks to their durability, easy modification, wide availability, and affordability. The durability of Conex containers can make a sound building structure. Not to mention, the ease of modification allows them to be fitted fixtures and optional fitting that suit best buyer needs. 

Buyers can purchase Conex containers for sale near them and use these metal containers as building materials. They can be cut, welded, and joined together to create a wide variety of building constructions, including homes, offices, schools, and many more. 

Now, after reading the article, you may get inspired and know what to create with Conex containers. So, if you are looking for a quality Conex container for sale to serve your specific need, don’t hesitate to find the unit that you want on Tradecorp’s website. Do you still have questions about the container specifications? Simply complete the quote, and our representative will contact you to discuss your requirements. 

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