Get To Know The Types of Offshore DNV Containers

Shipping containers have a lot of types and each of them has its uses and benefits. One of which is offshore DNV containers. DNV shipping containers, or known as offshore containers, are certified containers for offshore use.

DNV stands for Det Norske Veritas, an independent and autonomous foundation that strives to safeguard life, property, and the environment on shore and at sea.

These containers are suitable for the oil and gas industry because of their safety and efficiency. Offshore DNV containers are fully certified with DNV 2.7-1 and EN 1207-1. They go through rigorous certification to ensure their durability against harsh weather conditions and rough handling. Some of the features that differentiate DNV containers from ISO containers are pad eyes, protective bars, and sling sets. DNV containers have several types, such as offshore freight containers, offshore service containers, and offshore waste skip containers. In this article, we will be looking at the different types of offshore DNV containers and their uses!

General Purpose

General-purpose containers are specifically designed for transporting and storing dry cargo for offshore use. They can carry a wide range of materials and equipment to and from offshore installations, such as tools, spare parts, machinery, and other essential equipment. Typically, they are available in the size of 20ft.

Mini Containers

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These containers are the mini version of the general-purpose offshore containers. Due to their compact sizes, they are an excellent pick for projects with limited space. With its durable construction and secure features, these containers are sure to meet all of your offshore transportation needs. Some of them are equipped with shelves and cargo safety nets. They are available in sizes 9.5ft, 10ft, and 10.5ft.

Open Top

Open-top offshore containers are used to transport bulky and tall cargo to the offshore area or items that need to be lifted in/out of the containers. Just like other DNV-certified containers, they are also equipped with forklift pockets, pad eyes, protective bars, and locking bars. They are available in size 20ft.


Half-height containers are just like general-purpose offshore containers but shorter and have no hard top. These units are useful for transporting heavy equipment and tools needed to the offshore site. Some of them can be added a tarp to protect the goods inside. They are available in size 20ft.

Cutting Box

Cutting box containers are designed to safely store, contain, and transfer waste produced from offshore drilling. Measuring 7.10ft in length, 5.6ft in width, and 4.2ft in height, the containers can be opened via the top lid that can be securely locked. Additionally, the containers have pad eyes and forklift pockets for safe and easy moving.

Waste Skip

The DNV offshore waste skip containers are used for the storage and transportation of non-hazardous general waste such as food waste or recycling to and from offshore platforms. They are also called “DNV Boat Rubbish Skip”. They have an open-top design to make the process of loading waste into the container easy and fast.

Tool Box

The DNV offshore toolbox containers are containers that are designed for the storage and transportation of offshore equipment. These containers are built with a heavy-duty design, with full side doors, and a roof lid for easy loading and access. The available size is 2M in length or approximately 6.7ft.


Basket DNV containers are specialized containers designed for the shipping and storage of offshore equipment. Basket containers have various sizes, from 4ft, 8ft (drum basket), 12ft, and 14.3m. Built to comply with the DNV 2.7-1 standard, this container is designed to meet the strict requirements and standards of the offshore industry.


Refrigerated offshore DNV containers are a reliable solution for the transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive cargo during offshore projects. The available size is 20ft and can be fitted with a refrigeration machine following your needs.

Lifting Frame

Lifting frame offshore DNV containers are primarily used for lifting and transporting large, heavy equipment and materials between offshore platforms and vessels. These containers are particularly useful for offshore oil and gas operations, where large and heavy equipment, such as drilling rigs, pumps, and generators. The available size is 10ft.

Side Open

Side-open offshore DNV containers are suitable for those who need extra space and easier access to their goods inside. There are two standard container doors on these containers. One is located at the end, and the other one is located on the side. The side doors provide easier access, making loading and unloading goods more efficient. The available size is 10ft.

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