Double the Access: Exploring the Uses of Duocon Container Type

Shipping containers have gone through several transformations to meet clients’ requirements for transporting and storing goods more efficiently. Introducing you to the duocon containers.

The container is unique because it is created by joining two separate 10ft dry shipping containers together. Hence, sometimes it is referred to as a double container, twin container, or two-in-one container.

To create a different feature from other container types, this container is equipped with two doors on both ends. Read down below what you need to know about this container unit, from the dimensions and uses.

What are duocon containers?

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Similar to the double-door container, a duocon container has two doors or openings at either end of the unit. This is yet another modified version of an intermodal container. When you open all the doors, the container looks just like a tunnel, which will offer easy access to the inside from both sides.

This container is suitable if you have goods that need to be loaded from two different sides of the container at the same time or loaded in from one side and loaded out from the other side.

Another function of this container is that the container can be converted into two compartments. Since it consists of two separate 10’ containers that are connected into a single unit. Thus, you have the option to use it as two units of 10’ containers when separated and get each front wall installed.

The dimensions of duocon containers

By joining two 10’ dry shipping containers together, it makes the size of a duocon container 20ft. This also gives you the advantage of cheaper shipping costs when needed for a pair of 10’ containers. Below are the dimensions of a 20ft duocon container:

External dimensions L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’ L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2,6 m
Volume 1,160 cu ft 32.9 m³
Tare weight 6,240 lbs 2,830 kgs
Max payload 60,960 lbs 27,650 kgs
Max cargo 67,200 lbs 30,480 kgs

Please note that the measurements above may vary from one manufacturer to another. Thus, please check twice before purchasing or leasing your duocon containers.

The benefits of duocon containers

Due to their unique features, the duocon containers come with several benefits, such as,

  1. Better access for easier organization
    Since the doors can be opened from both sides, the container provides better access to the inside of the unit. You can load your goods from both sides simultaneously with ease. Other than that, you can compartmentalize the container according to your needs and organize your goods more efficiently.
  2. Options for Separate Unit
    The Duocon container offers versatility with its ability to be divided into two separate 10′ containers. This allows for flexibility in organizing and transporting cargo. Install the front-end wall, and benefit from the adaptability of having two independent units, providing efficient solutions for diverse shipping and storing needs.
  3. Cheaper Shipping Cost
    Optimize your shipping costs with Duocon containers. The 20′ size proves more cost-effective for shipping than two separate 10′ containers. By choosing Duocon, you not only save on transportation expenses but also ensure efficient and economical solutions for your cargo shipping needs.

The uses of duocon containers

Duocon containers are used in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at a few typical uses of duocon containers:

  1. Ship dry and bulky cargo
    A duocon container is suitable for shipping all types of general dry cargo and bulk cargo. You can easily transport motorbikes, cars, and snowmobiles as these vehicles can be loaded from one end and unloaded from the other end easily. The retail industry can use duocon containers to transport electronics, furniture, and clothing. A duocon container is suitable for carrying these goods safely and securely, protecting them from environmental factors and damage during transit.
  2. Store cargo while moving houses or in construction
    A duocon container has always come in handy when it comes to moving houses. You can load and unload your cargo from both ends, making the whole moving process faster and easier. This container unit is also suitable for the construction industry as it requires transportation and storage of building materials, equipment, and tools.
  3. Converted into buildings
    As they are easy to convert, many duocon containers are used for home renovation purposes. They can also be used as emergency shelters, pop-up shops, retail stores, restaurants, and many more.

Purchase duocon containers

Tradecorp provides a 20ft duocon container for your transport and storage solution. Our 20’ duocon container can be used to transport dry and bulky goods as it is easy to access from both sides. You can purchase or rent this unit by filling out the form on our page and expect one of our sales team to contact you soon. Besides a duocon container, Tradecorp also offers other types of used shipping containers for sale, such as general dry shipping containers, offshore DNVs, flat-racks, tanks, high cube containers, etc.