Side Opening Container Type: What Is It and Its Uses

Have you ever tried to load lengthy goods, especially heavy machinery, into a shipping container and been unable to do that through a regular door? That means you need a container that has easier access for the forklift to load your goods. Introducing, side-opening containers!

Side-opening shipping containers can be accessed via additional doors positioned on the side. In this article, we will be looking at what these specialty containers are, how their doors work, their dimensions, and the common uses of these containers.

What are side-opening containers?

As the name suggests, the containers have doors on the longer side in addition to the standard container door at the rear end. The side doors can simply fold out of the way to gain access and then return to their closed position when not in use.

The containers share the same features as a general dry shipping container, however, the side door is considered more practical and efficient. These containers provide side access for getting in/out lengthy cargo, a fast loading/unloading process with multiple crew working at the same time, and quick access to goods stowed inside of the container.

Other than shipping, side-opening containers are often converted into houses, offices, cafes, pop-ups, and more. These containers are durable, safe, and weatherproof and can be customized as per your requirements.

The dimensions of side-opening containers

20ft Side Opening Container

A 20’ side-opening container is the same size as a standard 20’ dry shipping container but with extra doors on the side. Below are the dimensions and specifications of the container:

External dimensions L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’ L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.6 m
Volume 1,096 cu ft 31.0 m³
Tare weight 6,920 lbs 3,140 kgs
Max payload 60,280 lbs 27,340 kgs
Max cargo 67,200 lbs 30,480 kgs

A disclaimer, these dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly based on the manufacturer and location. Please double-check the specifications of the container, and whether it fits your requirements or not, before making a purchase or rental.

40ft HC Side Opening Container

A 40’ high cube side opening container offers a wide space for your heavy and oversized goods. The side doors allow fast turnaround during the loading or unloading process regardless of more cargo packed inside the container this size. Below are the dimensions and specifications of the container:

External dimensions L 40’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’ L 12,1 m x W 2,4 m x H 2,9 m
Volume 2,730 cu ft 67.2 m³
Tare weight 12,350 lbs 5,600 kgs
Max payload 54,850 lbs 24,880 kgs
Max cargo 67,200 lbs 30,480 kgs

As the sizes and specifications may vary from one manufacturer and another, please confirm and double-check before making a purchase or rent.

The benefits of using side-opening containers

Your side-opening containers come with several advantages, especially compared to the standard counterparts, such as:

  1. Quick and easy access to the cargo
    Side door containers make managing cargo easy and functional. The side access provides more options in how you can load or unload as well as the range of items you can load into the container. Items can be loaded and unloaded much faster as compared to a standard container.
  2. Versatile storage options
    Having the side doors could open up opportunities to store goods you wouldn’t normally be able to store in a standard dry container. The side doors also offer you plenty of optional uses, such as a shop or cafe modification, home and office conversions, etc. This container is widely seen in festivals and events as it provides an economical option with minimal set-up.
  3. Maximize productivity
    Goods can be packed more conveniently from the long open end of the container. They also can save time as pallet trucks and forklifts have more space to function in wider access points.

Common uses of side-opening containers

Due to the versatility of the container, this unit can be used for a variety of uses. Beyond shipping, the side-opening containers can be used as:

  1. Storage
    To store large and bulky goods, this unit is suitable due to the efficiency of loading and unloading the goods. Hence, this container is often used to store heavy machinery and equipment used in construction.
  2. Homes & Offices
    Besides dry shipping containers, a lot of businesses and individuals often convert these units into homes. The side doors part can easily be converted into sliding doors or windows to create an open space within the house. This container is unique and spacious, thus, office conversions are common. These containers are durable, safe, and weatherproof and can be customized following your design.
  3. Cafes, Pop-Ups, and Retail Shops
    Converting side-opening containers into cafes, pop-ups, and retail shops comes with several benefits, such as a unique and eye-catching look, and customizable space, and can be set up quickly in various locations.

Purchase and lease side-opening containers

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