Tradecorp provides premium shipping container office solutions for sale and rent across Miami and its surrounding areas. Our services are available nationwide, guaranteeing convenient delivery options tailored to your specific requirements.

Portable Office Containers in Miami with Tradecorp

Looking for efficient and flexible office solutions in Miami? Tradecorp offers a range of portable office containers designed to meet your business needs. Whether you're a startup in need of a compact workspace or a large corporation seeking additional office space, our containers provide the versatility you require. With various sizes and configurations available, you can customize your office setup to optimize productivity. Trust Tradecorp for durable, secure, and cost-effective office containers in Miami. Elevate your workspace with our portable solutions tailored to suit your unique requirements.

Convenient Office Storage

Combine functionality with convenience with our office and storage containers. Perfect for businesses in need of both workspace and secure storage solutions. Our versatile units allow you to efficiently manage your office supplies, equipment, and inventory in a single, easily accessible location. Whether you're a construction company requiring on-site offices with storage space or a retail business needing a flexible workspace, our office storage combos offer the ideal solution. With Tradecorp, you can streamline your operations and maximize efficiency with our convenient and practical office containers in Miami.

Versatile Office Containers for Your Business Needs

Our steel office containers in Miami are not only durable and weather-resistant but also highly versatile. Whether you are renovating your office space, expanding your business operations, or requiring temporary storage, Tradecorp has the perfect solution for you.

Tradecorp offers a diverse range of steel storage solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our selection includes 10ft high cube cabin container, 20ft site office container with pantry, 20ft DC enclosed office container, 20ft high cube office container, 40ft high cube double door container for various functions. starting from offering compact yet spacious office space which is perfect for small office setups or on-site workstations. to the 0ft option that perfectly suits for larger office setups or storage needs, offering flexibility and accessibility.

Rest assured, our office containers are designed to keep your assets safe, organized, and easily accessible. Trust Tradecorp for high-quality steel storage containers in Miami, ensuring efficiency and convenience for your business operations. Discover the perfect office container solution with Tradecorp today!


Selecting Office Container Products to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to industrial activities, mining operations, and construction projects, specialized shipping container offices are frequently essential to address specific demands. Whether you require workspace for personnel or logistical support, our team possesses the expertise to deliver custom-designed shipping container offices that precisely align with the varied demands of your project. Drawing upon our extensive experience in crafting bespoke container solutions, we are well-equipped to assist you in identifying the ideal shipping container office solution for your unique project requirements.



You Can Choose and Modify Office Containers According to Your Needs

10 Feet High Cube Cabin Containers

Tradecorp's 10’ High Cube Cabin Containers redefine compact accommodation solutions for businesses and individuals. These innovative shipping container offices are designed to maximize functionality and efficiency within limited spaces. Ideal for small construction sites, remote work locations, or even as a backyard guest house, these containers offer versatility.

With an extra foot in height, these cabins comfortably accommodate up to four people. Inside, you'll find two bunk beds with drawers, an air conditioner, electrical installations, air vents, a table, cabinets, reading lamps, a smoke alarm, and emergency lighting. Tradecorp's shipping container office units prioritize both comfort and practicality, making them the perfect choice for compact yet well-equipped accommodation solutions.



External dimensions L 10’ x W 8’ x H 9’6″ L 3 m x W 2.4 m x H 2.9 m

20 Feet Site Office Container with Pantry

Tradecorp presents a well-designed 20 feet office container with a pantry, a compact and stylish workspace solution for your business needs. This office container offers room for up to six people, with a minimalist interior, fully insulated walls for noise and heat reduction, and a convenient mini pantry for refreshments. Its exterior features two medium-sized windows and a white front door, ensuring a professional appearance.

Manufactured from an ISO-certified 20' general purpose container, this office container guarantees structural integrity and safety. Additionally, Tradecorp offers customization options, allowing you to tailor the container to your specifications. Our team ensures hassle-free delivery to your desired location. Contact us for custom requests or more information about our shipping container office solutions.



External dimensionsL 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’L 6 m x W 2,4 m x H 2.6 m
Tare weight4.872 lbs2.210 kgs
Max payload21.583 lbs9.790 kgs
Max cargo26.455 lbs12.000 kgs

40 Feet High Cube Double Door Container

Discover Tradecorp's 40’ High Cube Double-Door Shipping Container Office, a spacious and versatile solution for your workspace needs. With dimensions of 40ft x 8ft x 9.6ft, this container offers an expansive area for multifunctional use. Its unique double-door entry enhances accessibility, simplifying the loading and unloading of equipment and materials. This office container's extra height ensures ample room for multiple employees and furnishings while promoting excellent ventilation. Crafted from durable Corten steel, it withstands various weather conditions and can be easily transported via ship, train, or truck, offering a secure and long-lasting workspace solution.

Tradecorp's Shipping Container Office: Durability, spaciousness, and flexibility combined to elevate your workspace to the next level.



External dimensionsL 40’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’L 12 m x W 2,4 m x H 2,9 m

Renting Office Containers in Miami

Explore our rental options for office containers in Miami. Whether you need a standalone office or a cabin container, we have flexible rental solutions. Renting office containers from Tradecorp offers a convenient and cost-effective way to expand your workspace without the commitment of a permanent structure. Our rental process is simple and efficient, allowing you to quickly set up your office and focus on your business. With various sizes and configurations available, you can choose the perfect office container to meet your specific needs. Elevate your business with Tradecorp's hassle-free office container rentals in Miami.

Buying Used Containers in Miami

Consider purchasing a used shipping container for your office needs in Miami. Economical and versatile, these containers are ideal for various workspace requirements. Buying a used container from Tradecorp offers a budget-friendly alternative to traditional office spaces. Whether you're looking to create a temporary workspace, expand your office capacity, or set up a remote office location, our used containers provide a flexible solution. With durable construction and customizable options, you can tailor the container to suit your business needs. Invest in a cost-effective and efficient workspace with Tradecorp's used office containers in Miami.

Shipping Container Office in Miami

Industries Benefitting from Office Containers

Learn how various industries in Miami benefit from our office containers. From retail to healthcare, construction to education, our containers offer practical solutions. Retail businesses can utilize our containers as pop-up shops or additional storage space for inventory. Healthcare facilities can set up mobile clinics or use containers for secure storage of medical supplies. Construction companies benefit from on-site offices and storage solutions, enhancing project efficiency. Schools and colleges find our containers invaluable for temporary classrooms or secure storage during renovations. Discover the versatility of Tradecorp's office containers across various industries in Miami.

Expert Team Maintenance

Our in-house experts ensure all containers are in top condition for immediate use. Trust us for reliable and functional office containers in Miami. At Tradecorp, we prioritize the maintenance and upkeep of our office containers to ensure they meet the highest standards. Our expert team conducts regular inspections, repairs, and cleaning to ensure each container is ready for immediate deployment. You can rely on Tradecorp to deliver office containers that are not only durable and secure but also well-maintained and functional. Experience peace of mind knowing that your workspace is in the hands of professionals with Tradecorp's expert team maintenance services in Miami.

Local Solutions for Miami Businesses

Miami's diverse business landscape finds support with Tradecorp's office containers. Explore how our containers cater to the city's vibrant commercial environment. Tradecorp understands the unique needs of businesses in Miami and provides tailored solutions to enhance efficiency. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, our office containers offer the flexibility and functionality you need. Benefit from our local expertise and personalized service to create the ideal workspace for your business. Trust Tradecorp to be your partner in success with our local solutions for Miami businesses.


Container offices can be converted from various types of containers, one of which is from sea can containers. This container is a container commonly used for shipping containers on the high seas. This container has the advantage of being weather-resistant so that it can be used for a long time so that it saves your budget.


Office containers offer the advantage of mobility, allowing you to relocate your workspace quickly and easily to different sites or areas within your property as needed.


They are a cost-effective solution compared to traditional office construction, with lower upfront costs and reduced maintenance expenses.


Office containers can be customized to meet your specific requirements, from layout and size to interior design and features, ensuring a tailored workspace.

Speedy Setup

These containers can be set up and ready for use much faster than traditional office buildings, saving you valuable time.

Shipping Container Office in Miami

What Sets Tradecorp's Office Containers Apart?

Customizable Office Configurations

Tailor your office space with our customizable container options. Create a workspace that suits your team's needs and enhances productivity. Tradecorp offers a range of customization options for office containers in Miami. From layout and design to furniture and amenities, you can personalize every aspect of your workspace. Whether you prefer an open-plan office, individual cubicles, or meeting rooms, we can accommodate your requirements. Our goal is to provide you with a workspace that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Elevate your office environment with Tradecorp's customizable office configurations in Miami.

Versatile Portable Office Solutions

From small teams to large organizations, our portable office containers in Miami cater to businesses of all sizes. Tradecorp offers versatile solutions to meet your specific workspace needs. Whether you require a temporary office space for a construction project or a long-term solution for your growing business, we have you covered. Our portable office containers are equipped with essential amenities and can be customized to create a comfortable and functional workspace. Experience the flexibility and convenience of Tradecorp's portable office solutions tailored for Miami businesses.

Secure and Durable Containers

Rest assured that our high-security and durable containers, the safety of your business assets and documents. Tradecorp prioritizes the security and durability of our office containers in Miami. Our containers are constructed from sturdy materials and feature advanced security features to safeguard your valuable assets. Whether you're storing equipment, inventory, or confidential documents, you can trust Tradecorp's containers to provide optimal protection. With reinforced locks, sturdy doors, and weather-resistant construction, our containers offer peace of mind for your business. Protect your assets with Tradecorp's secure and durable office containers in Miami.

Shipping Container Office in Miami

Fast Delivery and Installation

Count on Tradecorp for quick and efficient delivery of your office containers in Miami. Our professional team ensures hassle-free installation at your desired location. Tradecorp understands the importance of timely and reliable service when it comes to office containers. That's why we offer fast and efficient delivery to your specified site in Miami. Our experienced team handles the entire installation process, ensuring that your office container is set up and ready for use promptly. Whether you need a temporary workspace or a long-term office solution, you can rely on Tradecorp for timely delivery and installation in Miami.

Streamlined Workspace Solutions

Simplify your workspace setup with our all-inclusive office packages. Get everything you need for a functional office space with a single call to Tradecorp. Tradecorp offers comprehensive office packages designed to streamline your workspace setup in Miami. Our all-inclusive packages include office containers, furniture, equipment, and amenities, providing you with everything you need for a productive workspace. Whether you're starting a new project, expanding your business, or setting up a temporary office, our packages offer convenience and efficiency. Experience a hassle-free workspace setup with Tradecorp's.

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Tradecorp delivers secure storage containers and mobile offices to customers throughout the Miami area, including:

  • Fort Lauderdale
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We provide excellent temporary office or mobile workshops for remote job sites, this container offers the flexibility and functionality you need to get the job done. Tradecorp provides a diverse selection of conex boxes in various sizes and types. Whether you need rentals or purchases, we offer flexible options to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today and let our experts assist you in finding the ideal office container solution for your specific requirements.


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